Classroom Procedures

Definitions of classroom procedures

The classroom is professionally described as the designed space for teachers to provide lessons and activities and it is where students learn. It is the physical space where education/ learning happens (IGI Global, 1988). A procedure is also defined as a repetitive/series of actions that we approach to get a result (Bizmanualz, 1999). To put them together, just like classroom management, a classroom needs a procedure so it flows smoothly. “For example, transitioning between activities. Procedures help students know what to do, when the bell rings when their pencil breaks when they finish their work early, or when they need to use the restroom.”(Cox, Janelle, 2019). This example shows us that a classroom needs a procedure so that it functions well and for classes to have an effect on students.

Teacher Mellisa 

Teaching classroom procedures

It is essential for teachers to have a procedure in the classroom because it helps them create a system. It helps students to have a safe environment where they can get an education but at the same time do what they are expected to do by their teachers. Teachers can start their class with these different procedures:

  • Begin class intentionally: being a teacher comes with a lot of work but it is also a fun task to do. A teacher can begin his/her class with some basic classroom management/procedures, for example, first greeting your students. The greeting will help students start with fresh motivation and engagement during the classroom. Since students are looking up to teachers, teachers should set the example by being punctual and starting the class prepared.
  • Establish a procedure for asking questions: students might keep their confusion and their questions because they might not have the courage to ask questions. As a teacher, you should set a procedure that students can follow so this problem should not happen. This will not only help students but also teachers. It will help students by getting their questions answered and it will help the teacher be on-topic so he/she doesn’t stop the lesson they were giving. The procedure could be that, first, students should raise their hand if they have questions, write down their questions so they don’t forget, and wait until the lesson is finished so that the teachers have a chance to finish what they were doing at that time.
  • Determine how you will collect work: the least desirable part of being a teacher is grading students’ work because it might be a lot. It might get messy and hard for a teacher if he/she doesn’t have a plan for it. A teacher can follow the system that indicates when students’ work should be handed back to students as soon as the next class happens and have a specific place for students to put and get their work from. After that, you can end your class as you started it, with a greeting to students (Kelly Melissa, 2019).


It is important that a classroom should have a procedure in order to work. As a teacher, you need to set those procedures and act on them because you are the role model and students look up to you as their role model. The classroom will have a routine to follow that the education that you as a teacher is giving and the students receiving to be effective.


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